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Build a Brand, Not a Business

I will break it to you gently. Simply building a business is a thing of the past. Focusing on activities, vendors, locations, marketing, hiring, firing, promotions, and the myriad of tasks related to operating will get you so far from where you want to be you might as well end up on Mars. Don’t get me wrong, those things are all imperative to survival.  But, if it is just about surviving, then sign me up for something else.

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#suckitsven was something you would expect to hear in one of those Ted talks. Witty, organic, and unscripted, it resulted in one of the finest examples of marketing ingenuity I have seen in years. I couldn’t have thought of it on my own, yet when I pick it apart it has all the foundational marketing pieces I coach my clients in.

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“It is MY fault?”

However, in the end he screwed  it up last week and I was resorted to picking through an inedible salad and grumbling at how customer service used to be. Of course I call and speak to the manager, only to be told the counter guy is new and to give him a chance and next weeks salad is on them. I have come in once a week for four years, have ordered the same thing and I should “give him a break”? This just leaves me feeling like it was my fault.

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