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What Does Your Budget Say?

Creating and managing a budget might be one of my most favorite business activities as an owner. The boxes and lines, control and excitement, strategy and repeated actions allows my mind to “zen out”. It must be an entrepreneurs “meditation”. But it doesn’t end after building it. Taking this same system and implementing it via the decisions I make, the strategies I implement, the people I hire and fire completes the perfection this system has become.

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Strategic Benefits Of A Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is another way that you can get some money from your own home, condo, manufactured building to create a consistent cash flow that can give you the back up you need, for the assurance you deserve. If you find that you fall under the requirements necessary to obtain one, it might be your next system solution for the strained cash flow positions you find yourself in from time to time.

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5 Common Financial Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Business finances can be scary. Whether you are running formal financial reports like income statements, budgets, and balance sheets or doing nothing at all; if you don’t know what you are doing, you are probably making common financial mistakes that are hurting you.

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The Story Behind The Numbers

When it comes down to it, you are in control of your own story behind the numbers. Even with the best of systems, people are going to react as they will and do what they want. Still, you hold the power of understanding how to read your esoteric idea, via your numbers to understand the past, learn the present and guide the future.

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What Are You Really Paying?

When is the last time you worked on your business and not just in it? Worked on your expenses, not just begrudgingly paid them? We know, this is almost the oldest of oldest clichés; work on it, not in it. But, it has foundation, roots, grounding. It has a salt of the earth kinda’ feel. The simplest of principles, usually are the most long lasting and sustaining. We can push you all day long with this concept, but understanding what you need to do vs. knowing how to do it are two totally different things.

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As I began to list the financial reports we will need to review in our next meeting; there was an inability to articulate words and even sentences. As I gently asked her how comfortable she was discussing money, cash and her financial knowledge she began to discuss how this meeting time was not working and unsure if the work we were about to do together was really going to have an impact. I knew right there, I had another.

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