For the Love of Red

For the love of red.

It is that special time of year where cardboard cupids fly overhead, shooting us with bags of foil chocolate hearts, toxic dyed candy hearts with hopeless sayings of love and chivalry. It is so red, I wish for it to be Christmas again, where at least we introduce colors of green, white and gold to subdue the most alarming color that can be used.

It is ironic that the color red represents that of love. Honestly, when you get into your image and sensory impact work, you see just how powerful, yet charging the color red can be. While associating with holidays filled with love, invitation and fun, it reminds me of how desperate I am to not see it in my business.

Well, let me restate that. For my business not too succumb to all that red. When you start seeing red, it piles on fast and becomes hard to get away from it. What does red represent in your business? For myself, red means I am late on engaging with tasks, sending emails, returning voicemails. It means I am negative in the bank account, behind on billing or late on invoicing. Red means alarm and while alarm can be good, it can turn bad if you don’t respond to it.

If were as simple as saying, “well, just stay on top of things”, we would all being living in the land of green and black and blue and purple..anything but red. The most successful people in the world will tell you that they use and rely on systems and strategies, that if worked well and consistently, will keep you ahead of the curve and not get so dangerously behind it. Of course, having systems and strategies and using then actually using them consistently are two totally different things, let me at the very least impart upon you the tangible.

Time Management

Solid time management systems such as scheduling systems, will allow you to use everyone’s time at optimal levels. Start simply with assigning results, to time. “I need to open the store at 8am. Then someone needs to start at 7:30am”. It becomes more difficult to schedule the higher you go on the food chain however, especially when you don’t understand what your managers and leaders(YOU) should be doing. However, same system applies with those positions as well. What needs to get done? How and when do you need to schedule it?


Back to the bloody systems. Take that as a sign they are that important. To grow and create a sustainable business that is built on a solid foundation, you need to document your ways. You don’t keep employees forever, I don’t care who you are. They will go. Don’t leave yourself stranded. Document. By creating consistent patterns of work, you can focus on the bigger stuff. The stuff that creates bigger results.


You can have the best systems in the world, yet if you don’t have a culture of accountability your sunk. We see it happen over and over again. Accountability is half culture, half system. You have to model this, as so your people believe it. 80% of organizations out their, fail to live by this very philosophy. They hope that through the creation of documented systems that alone will save them. Actions speak louder than words. Are you accountable to your positions? Your work? How about your managers?

So, I don’t really hate red. I just have a problem with it’s over usage. In business that generally means danger, no good, close the doors and start heading home. Then we have nothing. But, what if we could have everything?

ManagementKat Collins