The Truth About Santa Claus

The truth about Santa Claus.

He is real for every kid and adult. I don’t care what race, nationality or religion you are. Even when you say, ‘I don’t believe in Santa’, you do. Santa means something to us all. We have different memories of who the jolly guy may be and where he lives and what he does, but he has made an impact on you. Santa is the root of our culture; as individuals and families. Even those families that said they didn’t believe in him still gave presents to each other….wrapped in Santa paper. Hhhmmmm…..

When you begin to investigate the versions of Santa that are in this world (which I do not recommend you doing), you would be astonished at how many their are. Let’s just say he has lived in a lot of places, dressed in many different suits, with hair this way and that and presents of varying degrees. He drove sleighs with reindeer and Corvettes on the road. I have seen Santa on Harley’s and sailing in the Bahamas. While Ms. Claus is always working in the background, with so many versions of her, we wonder what his taste in woman really is.

One thing is clear and that is Santa is a Christmas leader. He takes on the greatest roles and actions to ensure holiday cheer is bestowed on us all. With strategy and a whole lot of marketing, he ensures Christmas is here, active and bringing happiness to all. Wow, that is a big responsibility. Wonder how he does that. Does he hire managers for that type of work? Supervisors? How does he really pay those elves? Do the reindeer do anything else?

So, at a time many of you are questioning your own decisions and actions, let’s be clear about the big guy and what he does to ensure his company runs as efficiently as possible.

He serves milk and cookies, all day, everyday. If you have been a client of mine, whether in yesteryear or present, you know my feelings about food. You give it when you can, it is a fundamental need and therefore an appreciated gift you can pass around. Filling bellies, creating conversation, connecting on values. Personally, I am going to work on milk and cookies everyday for 2016.

He talks. A lot. Have you ever noticed how much Santa talks? He is motivating, teaching, mentoring, asking and listening all day long. Ok that last one is not communicating, but it is receiving communication. You have to connect and talk to your employees; they are humans and need that. Depending on how many managerial and leadership roles that is, the need may be higher than you think.

He likes to give a walk through every once in awhile. In every Christmas movie I have ever watched, Santa is always taking a moment to walk through the toy production line. Evaluating, identifying growth, recognizing expense errors, fixing and teaching mistakes. He takes time to evaluate, quantify and innovate.

He plays the part. How is it that Santa is always on point? He is always dressed the part, sounding jolly and happy, smelling of peppermint and cookies and accessories that puts Mike Tyson to shame. To be a leader, you have to show up as a leader…all.the.time.

As I went and did my yearly ritual of Santa visiting, picture taking, baby crying and hot chocolate drinking visit, I thanked him for a job well done. It helps to do my part, when he is doing his.

Discover your strengths, accept your weaknesses and make it a powerful new year. Oh and profitable. The most important.