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Using the proven tools, methodologies, and principles of the EMyth coaching programs, we’ll help you clarify your goals, transform your business, and find balance in your work and life.

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When was the last time you envisioned building a business around your passion?

Imagine having the passion you had when you first started out, imagine being empowered as a leader to enrich the lives of your employees and customers. Imagine seeing your business in a whole new way.

Can this be done with all of life’s chaos and what not?

Yes! In Synergy you have a trusted guide and support system to help you create a business that serves you, and gives you the life you deserve.


Business Coaching that’s right for You

Business coaching for individuals and partners.

For Owners & Partners

Get Personal Business Coaching which includes two meetings/month (remote or on-site), access to premium webinars, a library of repeatable systems, and most importantly, real accountability.

The Seven Dynamics of EMyth Coaching

Understand the 7 Dynamics

Learn how the 7 Dynamics  can give you clarity around your business and get you out of survival mode and into the right places to work on your business rather than in it.

Business coaching Leadership workshops

leadership workshops

Book one or two-day workshops designed to get you into intense, roll-up-your-sleeves sessions to work on the areas you need and provide you with actionable systems to implement going forward.

 EMyth Business Coaching

What can EMyth offer? Over 35 years of business training.

As a Synergy Client you can have access to EMyth’s Training Program. Now you can build your business in your own way, at your own pace. Watch a client story below.

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What Clients Are Saying


Luke Spicer, Creative Concrete Inc

Luke spicer, creative concrete inc.

While I always knew I was capable of providing my company with the necessary “tools” to become the great business in my head, it wasn’t until I discovered EMyth and Rachel Clark that the ideas in my head became reality. With the help of Rachel I was able to take a clear picture of my ideal life and make it happen before my eyes.

Kyle Davis, Davis Care Care

Kyle Davis, Davis Car Care

When I look at back at where my business was when we started and compare it to where my business is now, it’s truly amazing.  Synergy has given me the tools and focus needed to accelerate growth, with out “working harder”. Rachel taught me the value of using a budget systems, the power of a great marketing strategist, and the impact a well thought out management and leadership plan has on my business.

Diane Stewart, Thrivent Financial Consultant

Diane stewart, thrivent financial consultant

I was able to identify talents that I considered the norm to everyone but
were in fact unique to me. I finally found what was holding me back and found answers to the primary question of, “Why?” that surrounds my business.


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