Meet Rachel Clark

founder of Synergy Business Coaching

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Rachel Clark, Founder of Synergy Business Coaching and Certified EMyth Coach

Rachel Clark
Founder of Synergy Business Coaching | Certified EMyth Coach

Rachel has been helping clients transform their business and lives as an EMyth Business Coach for 16 years using the tools and principles of the EMyth coaching programs. Her formal education in Marketing and Economics, and years of experience in Executive Recruiting has empowered her to work with clients who are ready to boost their leadership and business growth.

Easy is for the masses. Being a leader takes courage, will, effort and time. The time is now, as today will turn into yesterday and last month will turn into last year. What are you waiting for?
— Rachel Clark

 Q & A with Rachel

Why do you coach?

I have a passion for helping leaders create the business they could always see but never quite get to. The way I see it, every great business owner has a coach – even if they’re called a mentor, an advisor, or Chairman of the Board. If you’re interested in real transformation, you need someone to show you what you can’t see about yourself.

What do you think is the main challenge small business owners face?

Overwhelm. I see it over and over. I know first hand, how hard it is to get clarity when you’re in the middle of it all. As a Coach I know how to ask the right questions at the right time to get to the truth of your situation. And, when you hire me, you hire the entire EMyth organization, platform and support network, so you’ll have lots of support from a well seasoned team.

What would you say is the real benefit of going through a program like EMyth?

I would say that it’s a roadmap. If you’re tired of being lost the path is there. If you want to go system by system, big picture to minute detail in your business with someone who cares and isn’t afraid to challenge the way things are, a program like EMyth with the right coach is invaluable. Let’s start the conversation!

Is there a right way to go through the program?

While there’s no ‘right’  way to use the EMyth tools, how it applies to your business is unique. I find that Synergy clients are really focused on the quality of time spent working on their business, not the quantity. They’ve come to know that with the right mix of resources and strategies you can increase your effectiveness as a leader for more time and profitability.  Synergy coaches are great at coaching the EMyth programs to that end.

What’s it like behind the scenes at Synergy?

A lot of fun. We work hard but you know, it’s all about balance I make time for my family, cycling, etc. When you’re situated somewhere full of natural beauty like Sonoma, it’s a big motivator to keep things balanced.